10 surprising side effects of starting a yoga practice.

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

You might be looking to yoga because you've heard it's good for you. You might be returning to yoga because you know you felt better when you did it! But why!? Why yoga? Here's our 10 surprising effects yoga has proven to have:

  1. A great night sleep. After an evening practice most people report having the best nights sleep! I guess stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system is effective.

  2. Pain relief. Tight muscles can lead to pinched nerves and many uncomfortable health problems, but a regular yoga practice can relieve many ailments. Our clients have reported improved injury recovery, longer intervals between chiropractor appointments, and relief of back and neck pain.

  3. Calm and peacefulness. Life can be busy, stressful, and downright chaotic but a quiet room and deep breathing can shut that off and reset our minds, bringing a deep sense of peace. It can be hard to shut off the business of the mind but yoga helps us to step away.

  4. A sense of Community. Yoga practitioners, or yogis, are pretty great people to be around. While we are all equally imperfect humans, those that practice yoga are mindful and strive to be better. This makes for a pretty caring, welcoming, and accepting community of all kinds.

  5. The Release of tension. With everything else listed here it's not hard to imagine how quickly your muscle tension (and tension headaches)can melt away. It might take a few attempts but once you let go of your own insecurities and let yoga Into your life, other stressors hold less strain on you.

  6. Mental clarity. Over time you may find that a new way of thinking starts to happen. New ideas or solutions may start to ignite. All because you start to clear your mind of thoughts and emotions that don't serve you and make room for new ones that do!

  7. Increased Focus. It's been found that yoga can greatly affect neural patterns in the brain which can improve your ability to concentrate and focus.

  8. Increased metabolism. Amidst all of the other benefits is improved metabolism, which is the process that converts the food you eat into energy. Doing certain yoga asanas will improve intake of oxygen and speed up the metabolism to help your body burn more fat and facilitate weight loss.

  9. Improved Vitality. As we get the blood flowing and increase oxygen through deep breathing, energy levels rise. Prana is the life force energy that is the main teaching of yogic texts.

  10. A Better understanding of your own body. As you slow down the mind, and move through yoga asanas, you will learn to hear and listen to your body. Pushing our own boundaries and honoring the limitations of the body we're in, can only lead to better self-care.

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