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Yoga at Home

"Commit to yourself and progress will follow."

Brandy Marie Schmidt


Meet Brandy


 As a Yoga Instructor serving in Oakland County and surrounding areas, my main goal is to lead others down the long path of discovery that yoga provides.  When my father died at 57 years old from a preventable, otherwise unhealthy lifestyle, I knew I had to change how I prioritized my life. Finding time for health and well being is difficult when working and raising a young family. I committed to training in hopes I could take it with me anywhere but as soon as I graduated the pandemic hit and then I training was a call to service. I came up with creative ways to bring yoga to others through uncertainty and further decided that there wasn't enough access for busy families and others in my remote community. So we offer the chance to bring yoga to you. Whether you want to move your body, reach spiritual growth, or something else, I know you’ll benefit from my practice.Since 2005 I’ve practiced yoga, and decided to take the next steps to instructing in 2019. Having the chance to share all that I’ve learned along the way with students through my practice fills me with joy. I want to help you on your journey to being your best self.

Warrior One
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"Brandy’s classes are the ultimate way to unwind, de-stress and relax. The darkened room is set with candles and beautiful music, broken only by her soothing voice helping to settle you in. All you have to do is show up -- everything is set out for you and Brandy does all the propping and guides you into your next pose/posture.​This is the best form of self-care I have found, and am so happy it's right here in our community."

Erica Fairchild

Yoga at Home

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Yoga at Home

"A feeble body weakens the mind"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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